4 Researched Traits that make Women Better Leaders than Men


We’ve all heard the arguments, hypotheses, and speculation about how leadership styles differ from male to female. Regardless of how far we would like to believe that gender equality has come in the workplace, there is still a yawning gap in the professional world between male and female members. According to a research by Catalyst, a 2018 statistic shows that women currently hold only about 5.4% of CEO positions in S&P 500 companies.

While it’s not a huge shock that women are somewhat underrepresented in leadership positions, what’s surprising is the fact that women may actually be better suited to leading in nearly every area, according to various research done over the past four decades.

Here is why-

Women Collaborate Better:

Bringing people together is a natural instinct for a woman. The same way it is natural for women to collaborate and work with others. Women are used to playing many positions at a time because they are home builders and they know how to make others happy and that serves as an asset in an organization.

Men use their alpha-male characteristics to direct and lead others while this may be nice in one way they can’t do teamwork without which an organization can’t move forward. Women like to work in a team, express their views and ideas, and find a solution to the problem that will help all members of the team.

Women Possess Stronger Business Ethics:

When compared to men, women are known to have stronger business ethics. Men often consider business ethics to be business-only applicable. While women not only apply it to business, they also consider ethics beyond business and beyond ego. In the pursuit of justice, women consider the privilege of others. Most possibly because even a minor mistake on their part leaves them ashamed and makes them feel bad about it for a long time. Since ethical behaviour in any organization is highly valued, women are more likely to be a leader.

Therefore, women are more accountable for whatever they do and are also fairly transparent.

Patience is the Key:

Women have certainly much more patience than men. They don’t rush into things by going through them. They know that decisions should not be made in a hurry, so they take time to breathe it out, dig deeper before they jump to conclusions when it comes to business decisions.

Women are also considered to be better at dealing with stress than men. Stress can sometimes confuse your ability to make decisions and then you end up taking decisions that might destroy your promotional chances.

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They Are More Inclined Towards Personal Growth:

Women are proud to see other people growing individually under their squad. We want people in their lives to move forward, which is why we continue to motivate people in their team to rise. This is a trait that every leader should have else workers will not be able to connect to their boss.

Furthermore, most men agree that women are better leaders than them. Women really need to get ready and take the lead as women have innate abilities such as communication, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Women often bring a new perspective to look at a situation in which the community as a whole profit. They bring to the table a whole set of skills that are useful for effective leadership.

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