Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the duration of rental agreements?

Its time to let go of long and stretched out agreements which don’t consider the uncertainty of the real world challenges which startups face. Here at CO-OFFIZ we bring rental agreements for all our customers according to their needs either it’s for a day or for a year with the exception of virtual plan.

2. What is the notice period to vacate to vacate the seats?

A  month notice is required in case a member needs to vacate. For instance, if a member wants to leave on 1st of September then he is required to give notice to the management by 1st of August.

3. Do I have access to other CO-OFFIZ hubs?

Once you are a member of CO-OFFIZ all its hubs are open to you. In case you are travelling or have a meeting in other part of the town you don’t have to worry to look for other space. Just visit nearest CO-OFFIZ hub. Full time seating is contingent upon the availability. However feel free to book a meeting/conference room in advance or use open seats or cafeteria.

4. Do I need to pay separately for tea/coffee?

Tea/Coffee is free with Co-Offiz membership. However some ready to eat snacks are separately chargeable.

5. What is the internet speed?

At CO-OFFIZ we believe fast internet is the back bone of any business. We have Lease Line of 20Mbps and 100 Mbps of broadband internet facility with unlimited usage.

6. Are Taxes included in the pricing plans?

All Pricing plans are exclusive of service tax. Service tax will be applied at the time of billing.

7. Can CO-OFFIZ Address be my official Address?

Yes, we do provide office address facility but it depends on the requirement of individuals and their plans.

8. Can I have visitors for business meetings?

You can have prospective client or business partner meetings by booking the conference room or meeting room in advance.

9. How much security deposit is required?

A One month security deposit is required before your first payment.

10. Are there any referral discounts?

Yes. There is a 10% discount on the referral’s first months invoice amount.

11. Do you have any storage area?

There are lockable cupboards to store personal belongings and files. However we do not provide any large storage spaces.