Top Ideas to Start with Minimum Investment


Starting your own startup is never an easy task. It takes sweat & blood to be successful in an entrepreneurial journey, doesn’t matter how much experience you have. Some get the chance to ride the wave and some just get caught and drown. But who wants to be drowned? Everyone wants to swim across and reach success.

It always starts with a problem you noticed and wanted to solve for the mass. The solution to that problem is basically your idea, on which you want to invest your time, resources & efforts. Many times, you will not have enough resources to start working on an idea.

Executing a thought into business then profit is a never-ending process, and it involves many stages, requires skills and a lot of dedication. Our team did research and brought an exhaustive list of exciting & trending ideas, you can start with minimum investment:

Drop Shipping

In recent times, dropshipping gained a lot of attention among the early starters due to its unique business model.Here, a third- party vendor stores and ships inventory to customers on your behalf.

All you need is to sell the product and transfer orders to your vendor; even you don’t require to handle the products yourself at any point.You can curate products of your choice to sell, for a particular category from one or more suppliers, into your own online store that focuses on a specific niche, like t-shirts for male, female or kids.

When someone buys a product from your website/online store, the order is forwarded to your vendor who delivers it on your behalf. However, marketing & customer service is still your responsibility.

Health Club

Staying healthy, fit, having an attractive body and stamina is required for every individual, especially with the lifestyle of the urban population. Most individuals don’t get time to get up right on time for a morning walk.

Health clubs provide an energetic motivational environment alongside the mentor’s guidance according to an individual’s body requirements, and with limited health club, it is an opportunity for those who are looking to start with minimum investment.

Health Club can be small, mid-cap or big; it totally depends on your budgetary arrangement and your intended interest group. Gather knowledge about machines and other required aspects. Hire professionals if needed. Providing good service with results is the key tosuccess here.

Online Tutor

Teaching can always be a good idea, & with the latest technological advancements, you can reach out to a broader audience. But, before going forward with this idea, you should be able to answer these questions.

Everyone is good at something, if not, try to get a thorough knowledge of at least one subject. Once you achieve that there are a lot of online platforms that allow individuals to teach an hourly basis and earn. If you have some budget, you can get your own platform developed from a website development professional.


Do you know bloggers are making millions per month? Yes, you heard right. We are not going to name anyone here but can share with you the brief idea, how to start.

People with great writing skills or a will to write has an excellent scope in blogging. If you are someone who has knowledge about things or quick learners with a power of constructive thought process, and the ability to make people engaged with you, blogging is for you. However, it is easy to start, but it can be challenging to sustain. Here are a few pointers you need to begin.

  • Gather thorough knowledge on a topic
  • The reason;Why do you choose this topic?
  • Information about the market and your competition
  • And a strong will to write

Once you have all these, you are all set. You can start with a free domain or a paid one, but we will suggest you go with the later one to sound more professional. How you make money out of your blog is another serious topic, which we will discuss in our other post, in detail. Keep watching our space, better you can subscribe to us to get all these knowledge gems into your comfort zone.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great terminology and we personally love it. It is extremely easy to start with and you can start earning througha commission by promoting products and services of other companies.

Generally, you select a product of your interest, promote it in your network/open market, and make anearning on each sale as a commission for your marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is easy to start, all you need is a website or blog of your own where you can put affiliate products and can drive traffic for sales.

Freelance travel consultant

If you are known to be a travel freak in your life and love guiding and talking to people, you can be a freelance travel consultant. A travel consultant understands the requirements of a person and plan itinerary according to the requirements. Knowledge about the places you are planning for is a plus point. Planning is everything in this business.

There are companies who hire consultants part-time on seasons when they receive overbooking requirements. A freelance consultant is a commission-based job; Once you close the deal, you get the paycheck.

Food Truck

In recent years, Food Truck gained a lot of attention from the food lovers. Starting a food truck can be a good idea in minimum investment if you want to tap the food industry.

Initially, with minimum investment, you can get a truck well fabricated to start a mobile restaurant or can take it on rent as well. You need a driver, who is required to drive the food truck through the popular localities of the city.

A good chef is required to make delicious food, and a server to serve delicious food to your customers. You can keep the required resources as per your budget and plan. Keep in mind, in a business it is imperative to make a base first, and afterward, consider extending your foundations.

On a wrapping note, while each of the above-mentioned ideas does contain risks and surmountable blockades, they also have the potential to create great success stories in minimum investment. Now, if the investment is minimum, in the worst scenario, what you will lose is also a minimum. But if you get succeed, you can be the next unicorn. Go confidently!

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