Five Reasons for using Co-working Space in Place of Traditional Space

Coworking space vs traditional office space

There is a pretty high chance that you are now reading this piece sitting in a coworking space in Delhi or some other part of the world. Why? In recent years coworking has skyrocketed past the traditional office spaces and is here to stay for long. Not only millennial entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups choose to share office room, but corporate organizations also embrace the modern way of working that has interrupted the traditional norms of doing business. The reasons for the evolving situation are, among other things, rising property costs, overhead costs, need for a vibrant setting.

Traditional office spaces are either extremely costly or without a variety of workplaces, hence co-working spaces.

Here, we have jotted down a number of points that prove the superiority of Coworking office spaces over the traditional ones.

1. Operating Cost

Traditional offices

You as your company’s in-charge are responsible for arranging and paying all the operating costs plus making sure they are maintained correctly.

Isn’t that tough? How can you concentrate on enhancing your productivity when while your mind is bombarded with so many payment alerts? A hard call though!

Coworking Spaces

On the other hand, many coworking spaces already give membership plans that include all the required operating costs such as internet, printing, etc. 

Coworking spaces in Delhi, have a variety of membership plans that include dedicated seats, personal cabins and shared spaces.

Depending on your comfort, you and your team can select the plan that suits you.

2. Facilities

Traditional offices

You have to look for a number of facilities like beverages, meetings rooms, shared receptionist etc on your own as your company’s in-charge, which can be detrimental to your business.

The precious time and money you can rather use in your firm’s growth will be spent to connect with different vendors for different facilities. This is one of the major issues a business functioning from a traditional office space faces.

Coworking Spaces

These spaces give state-of-the-art services such as coffee, meeting rooms, shared receptionist etc. But, won’t it be too costly? Of course not. There’s no need to worry.

These facilities are given in conjunction with any membership plan you choose. Only the membership charges accommodate the expenses of such facilities.

Check the add-ons provided by us  CO-OFFIZ coworking space in Netaji Subhash Place here.

3. Networking

Traditional offices

If you are an individual who gets bored by looking at the same faces every day, this office set up is obviously not for you. You won’t get a chance to meet new individuals here every day, nor will you get a chance to collaborate with somebody. Sounds boring, isn’t it?

Coworking Spaces

A co-working space includes like-minded people under one roof from distinct fields, which can also be an ideal place for entrepreneurs searching for building a network.

At a coworking location, experts from distinct industries operate together that can organically lead to possibilities for collaboration that can mutually benefit each other.

Additionally, this setup organizes different activities and seminars that give you the opportunity to improve your networking possibilities by interacting with investors and other start-ups. 

4. Office design

Traditional offices

Traditional offices are too boring when it comes to design and creativity. Their signature cubicles cut the employee’s life from other co-workers and hinder their creativity. The monotony of boring walls and poor scents hinders the productivity of a person.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking rooms are intended to be creative. With innovative wall drawings, access to nature, greenery inside and what not. Such creativity helps boost a person’s productivity.

Have a look at our creative and Vastu approved luxurious space in NSP.

5. Contract

Traditional offices

Traditional offices offer agreements that are stiff. You are required to meet long-term agreements once you choose this office that can readily extend for 1-2 years. This office configuration lacks flexibility.

It doesn’t matter whether you are happy with the increasing rents or security deposits, you are bound to fulfill your contract term.

Coworking Spaces

Based on your company requirements, you as a coworker can move between different membership plans. Even if you just began a fortnight ago with a dedicated seat plan, you’re always free to switch to a different one in case you are not happy with it. This is the kind of flexibility only a coworking space can offer. You should check the flexible terms we have at our coworking space.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, coworking has an edge over traditional spaces whether it be Low start-up cost or improving your social life. Coworking is a phenomenon that has broken down the barriers (in more ways than one) between life inside and outside of work. It fills up the gaps by making new and interesting friends in different locations with exciting skills.

Although traditional offices played an important role in the history of business, but like all the good things in life, it had to end sometime. Now is the coworking era. Consider coworking as an advanced and contemporary form of traditional office for all of you traditional office followers.

I guess you have made your mind to switch to a coworking space till now. If so, don’t forget to visit the official site of CO-OFFIZ. We are located at four prime locations in the Delhi/NCR, viz, Gurugram, Janakpuri, Netaji Subhash Place and Preet Vihar. You may even book a free tour for the same at one of your desired locations. 

We will be more than happy to have you on board. 

Let’s Work and Rise together!

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