3 Reasons Why People Leave Startups


Countless fresh graduates dream of joining the wonderland of startups the minute they are finished with college. Startups are steadily beating their corporate counterparts by becoming the preferred employers. Although all this makes the startup world exciting and attractive, the high rate of attrition is an absolute truth. That results in many employees leaving startups.

While the promise of startups and the tremendous opportunity that they bring to the youth and even the experienced, manages to attract the best, it seldom doesn’t manage to hold on to them. The very things that make the companies appealing are many times the reason why workers choose to leave. Are you curious why and how?

Workload & Pressure:

Startups are under a great deal of pressure to succeed; the founder, partners, and other investors are all eager to see things get off the ground, and that usually means long working hours and tight deadlines for workers. Some employees thrive under such pressure conditions, but for most of the employees, even a little is too much to handle. If these conditions continue for too long, you can start to see your employees burn.

Low/Insufficient Salary:

A low salary is quite a subjective thing. Employees will have a different perspective on what they are really worth. However, almost all of us have worked in companies where “We pay less because we give you the opportunity to grow and learn new things” used to be a part of their internal selling point. Sadly, people fell for it.

Although it might be quite true that not all startups foster talent equally. But that doesn’t mean giving your employees the possibility to learn and contribute more to the growth of the company is a replacement for a decent salary. Yes, they indeed are learning more, but it is for YOUR company, not theirs. Never forget that!

It is also true that some employees also think they deserve a higher salary because they have been there in your company for quite a long time. But, this is very wrong and this is on you! Employees should not get a hike in salary, or title promotion, just on the basis of the duration they have served the company. Employees need to be worth it. Yes, it might be quite easy to give everyone a promotion and a salary hike after a year, but is that the example you want to set?

Job Security/Stability:

You’re going to love your work, but maybe you’re not going to keep it for long. Research by UC Berkeley & Stanford and other contributors suggests that in their first three years over 90 percent of startups fail generally! Factors like new inventions and discoveries too are playing a major role in wiping out old tech startups.

Startup founders might have a brilliant idea to start a venture and secure enough seed money. But that doesn’t make them leaders who are experienced enough. A lack of strong leaders too has an impact on job stability for employees.


This is a reality check. Yet, must this be the way it is? Not at all! Even after it achieves considerable success, it is difficult to get people to continue working with a startup. The secret to this is to concentrate on both employee development and satisfaction as well as benefits to ensure that not many employees leave startups. The startups’ structure and culture demand it to focus on keeping the commitments made as part of its core foundation as the company grows. Watch out for those who are working for your success while aiming to achieve your goals in order not to lose them.

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