5 hacks to make your daily commute more productive


We spend more than a year of our lives getting to and from (commute) work on average. We spend more than 13,000 hours trapped on a crowded metro, trying to ignore people blasting their music and clenching our fists when the person sitting opposite us in a metro takes out his stinky burger from the nearby Burger King. 

We’re spending a lot of time travelling, and it’s time to start making the most of it, but you don’t have to complete the toughest crossword puzzle in the world or slog through the whole of War And Peace to accomplish something on your journey.

Here are some hand-picked hacks to make your boring commute rather productive:

Listen to Inspirational Podcasts:

Whether you’re a podcast devotee or an amateur audiobook listener, when you arrive at the office listening to something that makes you happy, it can do wonders for your mood.

You may even find listening to a source of inspiration for your creative work, depending on your industry and place. But if you don’t explain it, it’s okay. Chances are you’ll have a pleasant commute putting your best foot forward, and that’s bound to make a productive day. 

There are certain apps that are available on play store for free for the same purpose.

Invest Some Time in a Gratitude Journal:

Writing down the things in your life to be grateful for (no matter how small!) will reduce stress rates, improve empathy, and promote sleep, among many other benefits. Simply writing down 3 good things about your day is a good position to start. It takes only 5 minutes and can help you feel so much more appreciative of what you’ve got.

The days of frustration will be gone. You will start to see the best in difficult situations if you accept gratitude into your life, while also appreciating the good things in life– a good cup of tea or the morning sun on your head. Gratitude makes us happier, healthier and just a general dream to be around!

Always Wanted to Learn new Skills? It’s the time:

You want your skills to grow, but you don’t have time. Okay, if you’re the average commuter, you have about an hour a day to spend in the car where you can learn by verbal instruction what you’d like.

It may not be the best way to learn some skills like graphic design, but you can use your commuting time to learn about marketing, health, family relationships, or just anything else. You can find a podcast that is specialized in your area of interest, or with recorded lectures, you can take an online class. You may not receive your next degree, but during that ride, you will gain a lot of experience.

You can also learn a foreign language during this time. Through educational videos, you can listen to formal lessons or listen to books or podcasts in your target language as your vocabulary grows.

Track Accomplishments:

Do you know those little wins at the moment that feel good but are sooner or later forgotten as the daily grind takes over? If you let them sit untouched for too long, you might forget them.

The commute is a great time to take pen to paper or finger to a computer (whatever you like) and begin to make notes of all the various successes, from the seemingly insignificant to the larger. When cycling or driving, try to get into the habit of making a mental note and write down whatever you think as soon as you get where you’re going.

Update yourself:

68% of people receive at least some of their news via social media, while 57% consider the news they receive from social media to be misleading. Listening to the radio during your ride often offers news and entertainment, and while what you hear on the radio is never completely unbiased news, it is typically covered by qualified journalists and has a lower margin of error than news spread by social media. 

Try to listen to your local radio station or your area’s major news radio stations. You can then equate what you are reading with your other outlets of social media, and you will have a multifaceted understanding of what is happening around the world.


Commuting is an inevitable part of our working lives for many of us, but there is no need for it to become something we hate. These little tricks will help you get the most out of your journey, and your journey can soon become a positive start (and end) to the day of work.

You may even visit your nearest CO-OFFIZ Coworking Space if you’re looking to ditch the long commute and shift your office to our well-managed shared space. 

You’re welcome!

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