This is How Freelancers can compete with Big Brands and Agencies


Freelancers are becoming increasingly prevalent today. Why not, it’s a great job indeed. We set our own hours, we just take on the jobs we want, we have the freedom of music, etc. But the biggest gripe I hear often is that the main customer pool is made up of people with small budgets.

Very clearly, the bills are not covered by the small jobs. We have to beat the big guys to be successful. If you ask, who the big guys are, I’m talking about the well-established firms that do excellent work in those areas. But when you’re the shortest man in the room, how do you stand out?

These are some of the things to keep in mind if you as a freelancer have set to compete with the Big Fish in the market:

Choose and Pursue Your Own Niche:

Large firms tend to think widely, which may be lucrative, but it leaves little room for specialization. While it may seem counterintuitive, it can actually help you get more work from clients by increasing your emphasis on freelance services. 

If you’re a service provider, to compete with bigger brands, you’ll need to bring an extra touch. 

Because of word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews, consumers often choose local providers. 

To keep customers happy, you’ll have to work hard to spread the word about the product you’re offering.

What can you offer that THEY cannot?

To be truly content and financially secure as a freelancer, we need to be able to capture the big customers. But in the end, why would a financially stable company go with a freelancer if they could easily choose a more reputable company? We need to look at our strengths to answer these questions.

Think for yourself: what’s my main gripe with big business, as a consumer? My first thought is that I remember going to my bank. I called them to delete an error only to be put on hold for thirty minutes. He most likely lived in another country when I actually spoke to a human being and had little, if any, interest in my case. 

Like many big businesses, they have bad customer service! We must take advantage of this in the case of Big Fish.

A Personal Touch is always required:

When companies develop and encounter (or fail to resolve) the above growing pains, they sometimes hire people who do not deliver customer service at the rate they should be doing.

In reality, there are dull, repetitive, unhelpful, and lifeless interactions with these reps.

Inject power and enthusiasm into all of the customer interactions. Consider it your GOAL in every conversation to make them smile or laugh. Set it as a goal. Make the customers feel something different each time. Don’t be rigid, be your own. This makes people feel highly valued and remembered. 

Which is incredible, because… How often do people feel this way after engaging with companies?

Almost never.

Just by doing this, you’re gleaning and growing and flourishing customers from the city’s big peeps.

Be Sure While Pricing your Services:

Larger firms often win customers simply because they are cheaper. As a small business, this means that at that point or below, you must remain aware of the current rates for the products you are supplying and the price of your items. This comparison of prices can usually be done online as many brands are now putting their prices on their websites for viewing customers.

It should be easy for customers to pay for service-based businesses. This may mean a one-click online payment invoicing system. But, it often involves setting it up to allow your service team to accept payments by credit card while on the go.

To growing businesses, mobile card readers are a great option because they allow employees to accept payments using their current smartphones or tablets.

Partner up using your Network:

One way to compete with small, local businesses is to join forces. Two nearby businesses can team up for a deal that at once draws customers into both locations. Or they could work together to pay for something they couldn’t afford separately. 

Freelancers and small businesses also benefit from the local community’s support. Typically, the Chamber of Commerce and community organizations are looking for ways to support and assist local businesses. Participate in specific events within the local community and be involved. This will give you a level of exposure that big companies usually don’t have. 

As you can see, all about picking up the slack where the big agencies lose is thoroughly it in this article. It’s about more detail than they can afford to be attentive. It’s about putting treatment where it just doesn’t happen.

You may not have the budget to go with them in ads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t smash them in terms of service, customer experience, and value.

And that’s how you can win!

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