5 Growth Hacks For Indian Startups To Follow in 2022


In today’s times, a start-up company or a budding business venture is not a rare thing anymore. With the right kind of resources available and the gumption to shift from the more traditional service-oriented job, more and more ventures are taking shape — from being just an idea in someone’s head to being a real-world tangible entity. However, the difficulties faced by a start-up are varied and being able to overcome them effectively is what determines the company’s sustainability— whether the firm can simply stay afloat from the gusts of external pressures. Here comes the power of Growth Hacking!

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is like implementing a fast-track method to attain growth and stability in your company rather than the more standard long-drawn techniques. A growth hacker utilizes one or more instruments and methods to create productive methods to nurture the company. These instruments can come from different expertise fields such as design, marketing, engineering, etc.

Why is Growth Hacking Important?

Because sale is the ultimate goal!

A start-up company has very restricted funds at its disposal, unlike other well-grounded institutions. Thus, shortening their development period and getting on the road to achievement as soon as possible becomes particularly important for them. A fast-track strategy is essential not only for the achievement but also for the company’s support at times. In the evolving phase, adopting some easy but very efficient growth hacks can imply a world of difference for start-ups to succeed.

There are several methodologies to track your company or startup success quickly. One can readily enhance the sales of his / her company by pursuing established strategies. Some growth hacks that were practised by big brands are given below.

1. Focus on Content Marketing and Use Content Upgrades

Content is the King; Distribution is the Queen!

Content marketing is a useful tool to multiply the number of leads for your business. You’ll be able to watch the metrics go up visibly if you introduce adequate SEO on your blog. As their commitment rises, you will witness the development of your audience. If there is an option to provide appropriate content upgrades in return for an email from your clients, an enormous list of clients can be collected. These are the clients that you and your product want to be with.

Nearly all websites such as google, amazon etc. use this easy approach to make their clients trust their services.

2. Hire Like-Minded People to Accomplish Your Goal

A good team is the best thing!

A team of hard-working individuals who are committed to attaining the objectives and have the enthusiasm to function as a team is needed to achieve your objective quickly. Their objectives must match the organization’s objectives so that they can push the team as a whole tougher for development.

It is essential as any company’s development depends on its human resources that are the company’s assets and always work to boost the organization’s development and achieve the top place.

3. Pricing Strategy

Keep your stats correct!

An excellent way to display your services/products to a broader customer base is by providing some free part of it. For example, if you have a game or a cookery website, you can give clients free of charge some preliminary levels or some recipes. Advanced levels can then be charged. Alternatively, if a client joins you and fees can be applied, you can also give free service for a restricted period. Before he/she chooses to test deeper, this can get a client familiar with your item.

4. Social Media Strategy

Days are gone when social media used to be a place to make friends only!

Start-ups function on a tight budget and spending money on marketing and advertising rather than product development is poorly reflected in the company’s growth policies. Using social media as a platform to spread the word about your company and boost visibility is not only an inexpensive technique but the internet’s popularity can also provide you with the kind of exposure/reach and create a brand image that no other advertising medium can potentially do.

5. Customer Retention Through Feedbacks

The more customers you are able to retain, the faster you grow!

Feedback is the best way to uncover your product or service’s weak parts. This makes your services more user-centred instantly. It gives space for enhancement to get feedback from your clients about your service or product. This feedback enables clients to engage with their support group and finding alternatives. Which improves your company’s allegiance.

To obtain understanding about your product or service, customers are your best indicator. You can then update and change immediately. Many ideas for future products will be brought to your clients.

Addon: Customer Service

Your customers always desire a good service.

Today, outsourcing business processes is a wonderful hack that can take care of start-up customer service alternatives. The outsourcing expenses of the call centre in India may be quite exciting for international start-ups to look here at options. Paying attention to start-up customer service solutions is essential to take your business to the next stage of development and call centre outsourcing expenses in India along with higher effectiveness, customer retention and simpler workforce handling, all contributing to making it an excellent outsourcing destination for customer service.

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