Meeting Rooms & Conference Rooms In Delhi and Gurgaon

Meeting & Conference Rooms In Delhi & Gurgaon

Meeting or Conference rooms have become an important element in every coworking space. For conducting any brainstorming, discussions, planning strategies, team grooming activities or weekly development discussions, etc., they all need a big space that is private too. And conference or meeting rooms are exactly what they need.

With a continuous rise in demand for coworking spaces amongst startups, freelancers, or even firms with small teams, these spaces have become more beneficial over traditional office space. Coworking spaces offer people a modern office infrastructure with all the necessary utilities in one place, at a fixed cost with much-needed privacy too. This has made coworking spaces a convenient workplace to work in, without any hassle. Coworking spaces provide a comprehensive, well-equipped office space with meeting and conference rooms at a much affordable price.

What makes the meeting or conference rooms at co-offiz more flexible as compared to other coworking spaces?

Co-offiz provides fully furnished coworking spaces at various locations in Delhi and Gurgaon (NCR). We offer shared (coworking) space with well-equipped open seats, meeting, and conference rooms with all the facilities for your business operations or team meetings. Our coworking spaces are situated at some of the best locations of Delhi and Gurgaon, and all these locations have been selectively chosen to ensure that they are easily accessible from all areas of the city. Meeting or conference rooms in co-offiz coworking space are designed in such a way that every member utilising our coworking space gets all facilities required for smooth functioning of their day-to-day business, or team meetings.

In every Coworking space, their member’s requirements vary with the nature of their business. Co-offiz provides the following amenities in all of their coworking spaces at different locations in Delhi & Gurgaon:

1. High-Speed Internet Enabled Meeting and Conference Rooms.
2. Unlimited Supply of Tea And Coffee.
3. Power Back Ups for uninterrupted business activities.
4. Air Conditioned Workplace.
5. CCTV for security.
6. LED Projector for business presentations.

Co-Offiz – Meeting or Conference Rooms In Delhi & Gurgaon:

Our Locations of Meeting and Conference Rooms in Delhi and Gurgaon are as follows:

Meeting & Conference Rooms In Preet Vihar:

Our Meeting & Conference room in Preet Vihar, Delhi is located at one of the best locations of Delhi. This location is situated within walking distance from main public transportation such as the metro and bus stops, thus is no need to worry about taxis. Saves time and money.

Conference Rooms In Preet Vihar

Conference Rooms In Janakpuri:

Co-offiz provides conference rooms in Janakpuri, Delhi that are well-equipped for every business need. The conference rooms in Janakpuri, Delhi at co-offiz are equipped with all the facilities needed for your business, or team meetings.


Conference & Training Room In Netaji Subhash Place:

Co-offiz offers a conference room in Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi which is well-equipped and spacious that will ensure you a pleasant working, and meeting experience. Our coworking space is easily accessible from public transportation like the main metro stations in Delhi.


Training Rooms in Netaji Subhash Place

Co-offiz also provides Training Rooms in Netaji Subhash Place. These training rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities to conduct perfect training sessions for teams.

Meeting Rooms In Golf Course Extension, Gurgaon:

Our meeting rooms in Golf Course Extension, Gurgaon is situated at one of the prime locations of Gurgaon. This coworking space is easily accessible by both public and private transport.

Meeting Rooms In Golf Course Extension, Gurgaon


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