Neuroscience Behind ‘THE SUCCESS’


People talk about ‘secret to success”, but not many people know what that secret is.

Success cannot be obtained overnight. It comes in instalments; step by step. It’s a process which takes time, energy, hard work & patience. Successful people seem to remain calm under pressure. They are patient with things to fall into place.

What is Neuroscience & How It Helps in Being Successful?

Neuroscience focuses on the brain and its impact on behavior and reactions, or how people think. Neuroscience also investigates what happens to the nervous system when people have neurological or psychiatric disorders.

According to a recent study, neuroscientists believe that being calm in the midst of chaos is directly related to your performance. It is believed that as soon as stress continues beyond the few minutes, it overpowers the brain and suppresses the ability of brain to produce any new thoughts.  So, the secret is the art of staying calm in apprehensive environment.

Here is a 4 step process how you can control your brain & keep calm during agitated situation.



Just like science lab, brain also has a lab where numerous reactions take place based on the environment. Whenever any unusual situation occurs, a signal is sent to brain. This causes brain to secrete cortisol hormone which indicates our body to get ready. In reaction, we either fall short of breath, our heartbeat shoots up, or we freak out. Either a person becomes rock solid frozen or acts hyper. Such reaction worsens the situation.



Whenever such reaction starts to build up, being calm is the only way to break the loop. If you deviate your focus on thinking about positive outcomes rather than building up thousands of negative scenarios, it will keep your mind calm. Breaking the loop of anxiety is very crucial at starting stage itself. Once you break the loop, it becomes very much easy to handle the entire situation.


Now since you have broken the loop, it’s very important to make sure your brain remains calm. Counting 1 to 10 as you exhale and inhale can be very helpful. Apart from counting while you deep breathe, you can also try to pick any product around you and focus on its characteristics. According to NLP, it helps you to divert your mind & makes sure your panic loop doesn’t start again.



Now since the loop is broken, your mind is calm, come back to the situation & analyze calmly. This will help you take wiser decision and your solution will be more reliable & effective. Calmness helps you stay aware & watchful as well.


This technique takes regular practice, but it’s all worth the efforts. This skill can make you a good leader & increase your chances of taking better decisions. This way you can also manage the flow of pressure at workplace.

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