7 Steps to Success During WFH/Quarantine Mode


The challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine mode has completely changed our lives. It has become extremely difficult for many of us to adapt to the new normal. Apart from COVID-19, individually are frequently suffering from depression & anxiety. Due to the current uncertainty and instability in the world, it is very natural to feel stressed, which may lead to negative emotions. However, we must not forget that perception is the most powerful tool which can empower us and help us deal with our inner as well as outer demons.

Positive perception towards anything can make us feel happy. It is very important to create that positive aura around us in order to become more efficient, creative, maintain better balance in life & encourage peace of mind.

7 Steps to Success During WFH/Quarantine Mode

Here are 7 steps that will help you success and welcome positivity during Work from home/Quarantine Mode.


During lockdown/quarantine, most of us have become very irregular with our sleep pattern. The reason could be fear of losing loved ones, job security, depleting savings, or even just watching late night television. There is a common association between anxiety and sleep disturbances. It is very important to keep a check on the sleep pattern and have a regular sleep schedule. Physical exertion or light music can help you with good sleep.



It is very important to keep your body fit for a healthy mind. Due to irregular sleep & eating habits, our health tends to get affected adversely. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gymnasiums are still closed to curb the spread of the disease. This, combined with working from home and sedentary lifestyles can be very harmful for your body. But exercising on regular basis at home can be a very beneficial. Online workout classes, bicycling or running can prove to be a fun activity.



Criticizing yourself has become a common practice for many individuals especially during this pandemic. Acknowledge yourself for all your good deeds and achievements. It is very important to understand your worth and to love yourself. Instead of waiting for others to compliment you, compliment your own self. Do not rely on others to love you, have faith on yourself or motivate yourself. Try to focus on intrinsic motivation instead of extrinsic. Wipe off all the self-hate that you have for yourself and start loving yourself for who you are.



Self-doubt can often hold you back. It makes you doubt your own worth & caliber. The best way to deal with self-doubt is to talk back. Understand your abilities and potential. Break the disruptive pattern. Move out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Speak to someone who believes in you. And never compare yourself with anyone else because everyone is special in their own way.


De-clutter your place and organise or re-decorate. A well organised place makes you feel a better version of yourself in terms of efficiency, productivity, happiness, and positivity. Living in a cluttered space puts a very negative impact on us. There is a strong connect between de-cluttered space and brain – our energy increases at peace.      Organised space is the new mantra of a positive lifestyle & a way of self-care.


Writing down good things enables a higher level of thinking, therefore, much better level of understanding. Often we get caught up in life and forget all the good things around us. When losing track, reading such notes brings out a ray of positivity in us.


Every day in life is a learning experience. If there is anything which should be a constant in your life – it should be learning. Learning motivates you towards growth and hence, towards happiness. Learning not only increases your knowledge and skills, but also, keeps you occupied, away from all the negative thoughts. It helps you feel powerful, happier and positive.

Don’t let quarantine or challenging times take away your happiness. Happiness is within you, and, it is all about perception.  IT’S TIME TO GET IT TOGETHER!


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