3 Reasons Why Early Stage Startups are Heading Towards Coworking Space


It may make sense to call your garage (or basement or kitchen table) headquarters in the very early days of your company. But at some point, it’s not enough. There are so many times you can bring clients to the same Starbucks for a meeting. And even the most dedicated businessman is likely to see efficiency decline when families, babies, pets, or all of the above eventually linger close to your workplace. coworking

Leaving conventional and segregated office space behind, entrepreneurs see co-working space as an alternative for starting and growing their unicorn businesses. Not only are contractors, remote employees or freelancers opting for co-working spaces, but more and more startups too are heading towards it.

There are several reasons why coworkers are keen to move to a more open and shared office in their office space. In addition to financial reasons such as budget savings on real estate and operating costs, the opportunity to build larger networks has also become a compelling explanation of why startup founders prefer coworking spaces.

Going Professional with a Coworking Space:

Most start-ups start at home: we all know an entrepreneur’s myth that one produces a successful business from his garage. There comes, however, a point where this form of setup is no longer appropriate.

When it comes to customer meetings, coffee shops or cafes serve a purpose to some degree– but a coworking space offers a much more intimate environment to discuss products or services with consumers, and first impressions are important as we all know.

Budget-friendly Coworking: Very important when you are yet to obtain funding:

Renting full-time office space and planning everything from scratch can be costly and boring for small businesses in their initial phase.

But with coworking spaces, you don’t have to go through complicated and expensive office systems like phone lines, internet, or power. All you have to do is go to the office and pay for a membership to take advantage of all services including free Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee/tea.

In addition to money, startups often end up saving significant amounts of time and energy because coworking provides a unique point of convergence that fulfils all the criteria for the smooth running of a company. The assets conserved from coworking can now be diverted to support the business’s core and most important operations.

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Hiring in-house Talents:

When an entrepreneur starts a startup, s/he will need to scale up the business and hire more staff at some point down the line. Nonetheless, there is no established recruitment system for those working from home, so finding the right candidates can be challenging and time-consuming.

This problem can be solved immediately by operating from a coworking space. Coworking spaces are generally occupied by a number of freelancers, and the freelancer sitting at the next desk might be the right person for the job.

Hiring like this can save money, as company owners will already have some informal work experience with that person, which can make a much less risky hiring decision.

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Apart from the above-mentioned points, coworking has an edge over traditional spaces whether it be Low start-up cost or improving your social life. Coworking is a phenomenon that has broken down the barriers (in more ways than one) between life inside and outside of work. It fills up the gaps by making new and interesting friends in different locations with exciting skills.

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