Five Strategies to Declutter and Organize Your Workspace


Clutter can really have an adverse impact on how you work at your workspace. If you’re not organized, everything in your sight will compete for your attention and make it difficult for you to work, not to mention how it can hamper your professional standards too. Here are five hand-picked tips to organize your workspace with your best efforts:


It’s easy to work from a clean desk even when the workload rises; but when it comes to our desk space, most of us are clutter guilty. It’s tidy for one minute, and the next minute, it has taken over a storm of papers, water bottles and sticky notes. You can find it easier to focus on a mission by reducing the amount of stuff you have in your work zone. Invest in certain storage boxes, magazine bins, stationery holders and sticky tags. Then make sure it’s all set up on your desk. You should also try to minimize distractions by reducing the number of personal items that you have around you.

Try to limit the amount of paperwork you have by going digital, too – this will benefit the environment as well and save you time and space. Another trick is placing a bin next to your desk to allow you to throw away stuff from your desk that you don’t need.

Prevent Yourself From Stockpiling Stuff:

You don’t need those 54 pens at once. Nor do you need eleven pads in a single day. Just because you have a stash of supplies in your office doesn’t mean you need every possible item on the planet within your reach. If you never use one, do not stick a stapler on your desk. You definitely don’t have to punch the hole either.

You get a clear mind from a clean office, as clutter induces fatigue. If your workspace is clear, you will not only be more efficient, but you will also produce better work.

Everything Within Reach:

Everything should be within your control on your desk. Keep close to you your commonly used pieces. This will eliminate time-wasting opportunities when you look for stuff, making it easier to stay focused. It can also avoid any accidents by minimizing how much you need to stretch and reach across your work area.

Make Space In Workspace:

Now that you’ve figured out what to keep and what not to stockpile, you’ve got to decide where to shift your most important stuff. It’s just as important where you put things, as you want easy access to the things you use most frequently. Sort your desk drawers by priority— the stuff you use most often goes into the nearest drawer, all the rest goes further down into drawers. Giving your desk a workflow from left to right (and vice-e-versa for left-handers) if you use a lot of paperwork comes into the left, gets processed in the middle, and goes out to the right. And, for whatever’s next, your desk is always open. If your drawers start looking jumbled with stuff, it’s time to look for extra space in the provided space itself.

Digital Distractions:

You will be annoyed by your computer screen just as much as your desk. Are you always struggling to find files, find addresses, or are you always having to close pop-ups? Okay, it’s time for your virtual desktop to start fresh, ready for a less stressful 2020!

It’s time to clean up those unused files, organise your folders, delete those old emails, sort your web bookmarks and make space on your new network for the New Year.

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