4 Tips for Introverts to Survive in a Coworking Space


Surviving the workplace is hard enough for an extroverted individual, but it is probably harder to be an introvert in the workplace. In addition to the stress at the job, introverts also struggle with the social elements that somehow inevitably occur in an office. Working in a coworking space gives them an opportunity to mingle with people from different fields.

Here are 4 Tips For Introverts To Survive In a Coworking Space:

Always Be Ready For Something New

Yes, even if you don’t want to. But that doesn’t literally mean all the time but yes, a considerable amount of time. If the office where you work is the one where you need to socialize after hours on a very regular basis, this could mean you’re successfully taking part in every third or fourth outing. Let’s say you’re trying quite hard to have some fun. You need to make an effort to have a conversation with at least two people— they can be anyone, people you work closely with, or the ones you like or know by name only. 

Best case scenario: connecting and enjoying at a deeper level with someone. 

Worst case scenario? You’re losing an hour.

Prepare Some Interesting Anecdotes To Share in the Office:

You’re likely not the greatest small talk chat partner as an introvert. You’re more helpful on the recent office gossip, but not one for chit-chat. But having profound, thoughtful discussions rarely occurs during lunchtime or when you’re on a fast coffee break, so you’d do yourself a favor to prepare some tiny stories or anecdotes that you might share. If you think they’re suitable, you can operate those into a discussion.

Of course, these anecdotes need not be about yourself. Whenever you’re reading an interesting blog post or article, cash them by sharing them with the public; yes it works. Do not feel like you absolutely have to share anecdotes either–having prepared these anecdotes and stories gives you some security and some fallback discussion topics when you feel you are struggling to keep the conversation going or you don’t really understand how to start a conversation.

Never Fail To Take Credit For Your Work

It is not in your nature to boast about your accomplishments as a modest introvert. You need to make sure you are being noticed by your superiors on what you’ve done, however, and make sure that no one else is taking the credit.

When you are talking to him/her, you can subtly remind your boss of your contributions. Being subtle is the key here. Say something like “When I lastly closed the agreement [withcustomer], I tried a fresh strategy–I’ll check it out in the next few weeks and report back.” Show your commitment and demonstrate your accomplishments at the same moment, without being arrogant.

Networking at Your Coworking Space

It’s definitely not about forming an exclusive work clique–that’s quite rude–but what about trying to connect with a couple of people on your own terms? Hopefully, there’s at least one person you have something in common with, a coworker with who you could see yourself having a conversation outside the office.

It’s not going to be an easy task for introverts, but if you find yourself in a position where you don’t want to accept any of the workplace social invites coming your way, maybe you need to be the inviter. You’ll probably find that cutting out a little early (if you can) on a Friday and going out for a beer with a Rohan and Tanya in Tech is way better than burying yourself in your work.


If you’re not willing to be the office’s social butterfly, that’s all right. The older I get, the more I appreciate my time, so I really know what I want to do just that. But I also understand that breaking out of your shell once in a while won’t kill you, and if you’re in a business with which you could see yourself growing, getting to know your peers in a social environment could just offer you the edge you need to get ahead and create a strong impression.

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