5 Benefits of Coworking for Working Women


Over the years, the way we operate and do business has altered tremendously. We have a lot more flexibility and liberty to do telecommuting today, begin a home-based business or operate from a convenient place such as a coworking space.

While the press has blasted the benefits of coworking, there are several advantages that are not discussed so often. These include the specific benefits given to women by coworking spaces. If you’re a professional woman and you’re asking if you’re going to enter a coworking space, here’s a couple of reasons why such a concept might be a wonderful one.

Escaping Isolation

Isolation is one of the most important reasons given by both men and women who turn to Coworking as their daily means of operation. Coworking should be seen by women entrepreneurs as a chance to get out of the daily routine that plagues many individuals. Thirty percent of founders experience depression, according to a study conducted by multiple universities in California.

Women, who are usually more likely than most males to appreciate creativity, visualization, and aesthetics, will see instant importance of coworking. It is a distinctive experience, interactive, creative, community-driven. It’s not working from home.

Equality in the Coworking Workplace

Women have produced epic progress in the workforce over time– moving up on the professional ladder and securing important positions of influence around the world. Despite these accomplishments, inequality still persists. And the notion of equality in the workplace’ (or lack of it) in the media and professional sphere is an ever-buzzing issue. However, equality is not an issue with coworking. All members of the community are treated equally, including women. And diversity is strongly urged to guarantee that in- house collaborations are representative of the many distinct POVs provided by coworking spaces.

Finding a Mentor is Easy At a Coworking Space:

In a coworking space, women can readily learn from other people’s experiences or find a mentor to inspire them to unleash their complete professional potential.

For entrepreneurs, mentoring is extremely essential, regardless of their level of knowledge or the sphere in which they wish to develop. In reality, small companies with a well-established mentor relationship are twice as probable to survive and develop as companies that do not profit from a mentor’s participation. In one research, the absence of mentorship was cited by 48 percent of women entrepreneurs as one of the one things that held them back. A coworking space offers opportunities to overcome this issue.

New Business Opportunities at Coworking:

Shared offices are areas where females generate a lot of business possibilities. Imagine you’re working for freelancers from a coworking space. You will be able to meet other colleagues who will be able to provide you with connections or referrals that you will not have if you are working from home. In such locations, the sense of belonging to a group operates a lot. Everyone will try to fulfil their aspirations for job. At the same moment, they will not be inclined to compete with each other as each paves their own success routes. Even in traditional offices where the sense of competition is much more pronounced, this feeling of solidarity is difficult to find.

Secure Environment of Coworking Space:

Some females may appreciate working for a large conglomerate in safety (despite gender parity, salary gap, and unpaid maternity leave), but our entrepreneurial ladies are leaders and risk-takers who produce their own laws. The coworking group thrives on the creation of its own values and way of life, unlike corporations. The days of long, compulsory HR meetings are so long. With the increase of coworking, more and more companies are opting out — and with excellent reason— of stifling corporate life and selecting coworking spaces to develop their businesses.


Recent studies show that tangible increases in creativity result from a social and engaging workplace. What good news for women starting their own business!

While coworking spaces are still on the increase, these serendipitous locations may be closer than corporations ever will to achieving workplace equality.

If you become a far too familiar face at your local coffee shop or your living room couch, you’re not prepared for top productivity and it might be the right time to dive in. The most strong growth-hack out there can be a transition to a coworking space by embracing your minority status in the startup society and reaching out to other women doers.

We at CO-OFFIZ are proud of our women co-founders who have worked very hard to make the place safe, secure and thriving for all the working women and leaders of tomorrow!

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