5 Social Media Hacks to Grow Your Startup 


Probably this is the hundredth time you read this, but social media is important for the development of your startup. With six out of ten Indians using social media for engagement and news content, companies cannot afford to disregard such a strong marketing type. Most of your prospective clients will not understand that your business even exists without the correct marketing strategy. 

Here are five best social media growth strategies for your startup:

Post More Unique Content Consistently across Channels

You will need to continuously post distinctive content across various channels if you want to construct a devoted social media afterwards. It is not a simple job to generate distinctive content for your prospective clients with 2.5 Quintillion bytes of information generated every day. Set a timetable for posting and begin developing distinctive content even before up and running your social media accounts. The content, like blog posts, podcasts, videos, presentations, and infographics, can be anything.

Conduct polls on Your Social Media Channels

Polls are an easy and effective way of engaging because they don’t require a lot of effort to be involved. 0They’re also a great way to get your audience fresh information. Your audience loves to click that vote button in a poll. So, make proper use of that. With more engagement, your post will thus be visible to more audience.

Give your commenters, sharers a personal Touch

Tagging or mentioning other individuals or brands in your posts can give your post credibility, as well as notify the ones tagging you are talking about you, and force them to communicate with their audience.

If you’re sharing content with multiple tags or mentions, don’t go overboard and attempt to fit them all in. This does not provide your audience with a healthy user experience, nor does it offer enough credit to the individuals or brands you mention. Instead, generate numerous, uniquely private messages and plan them out over a few days.

Influencer marketing is the next big thing

More than 95% of marketers using some kind of marketing influence approach thinking it is efficient. Most marketers don’t agree on much unanimously, which speaks to influencer marketing’s efficiency.

Brands such as KFC India, Loco, Himalaya and Hike use influencer marketing to gain access to sceptical audiences wearied with traditional marketing and advertising methods.

Social media management and engagement tools come handy

While the four hacks mentioned above are simple and efficient, they can only achieve their complete potential if you are continuously posting and engaging with what is happening on your websites. You can readily integrate social media management and commitment tools into your daily routine. Typically, they offer you a place to plan your messages and also assist you to keep up with social activity so that you can react rapidly and keep up with discussions.

There are several tools out there— both free and for a fee. Some of them include Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Tweetdeck, Spredfast and Buffer. Choose the one that best fits your budget, objectives and networks.


Social media marketing has helped to increase brand awareness and acquire new customers through countless brands. By focusing on creating a clear and unique voice that appeals to your target audience, your startup can make the most of social media.

Be sure to invest in performance measurement in an analytics platform and test a variety of social networks to determine which ones work best to drive KPIs.

All in all, there are dozens of things you can do to engage your audience more effectively. Hopefully, these hacks will give you a place to start building your efforts for engagement. Just remember, it’s all about building that relationship on social media. Therefore, be consistent, be creative, and be convincing.

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